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Designed Reporting


Our strength
is our flexibility.

Our approach is always quality driven. We are not a discount supermarket for design and events. We believe flexibility, proper value creation and attention to detail reduces costs for the short- and long-term.

Workiva Certified Partner

Yes, we are a Workiva Certified Partner. That means we not only have years of Wdesk and Designed Reporting experience, but we’ve also done our trainings and courses to keep our knowledge up-to-date. And it means short lines of communication with our friends at Workiva.

Designed Reporting

Annual Report ― Sustainability Report ― Workiva Certified

Annual & HY Reports

Integrated Report ― Financial Statements ― Value Creation Model ― Value Chain / Supply Chain

ESG & Sustainability Report

Environment ― Social ― Governance ― TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) ― Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines ― Materiality Analysis ― Connectivity Matrix


XBRL tagging ― XHTML filing

Workiva & Wdesk

Certified Workiva partner ― Wdesk consultancy & integration

Content owners & co-creation

Copywriting ― Photography ― Video Creation


Landingpages ― Highlight videos ― Highlight presentations ― Press Releases

Our Designed Reporting Workflow

Brand to Wdesk ― Brand to document ― Link ― XHTML ― Filing Package ― Interactive PDF ― Print

Brand identity integration

Brand assets ― Corporate Identity ― InDesign optimisation ― Identity templates

Brand identity integration into Wdesk

Text & table styles ― Wdesk templates

Dynamic content links - InDesign <> WDesk

ICML links enable us to load changed content directly into the designed document

InDesign to XHTML

Testing and conversion of the designed document to XHTML with XBRL tagging

XHTML to filing package

Assistance & standby should any last-minute finetuning be necessary

InDesign to Interactive PDF

PDF optimized for web ― Interactive table of contents ― Navigation ― Bookmarks ― Hyperlinks ― Visual effects

InDesign to print

Print optimisation ― Print services

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