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Corporate Identities


Our strength
is our flexibility.

Our approach is always quality driven. We are not a discount supermarket for design and events. We believe flexibility, proper value creation and attention to detail reduces costs for the short- and long-term.

Clear guidelines

The Playbook ― The Building Blocks that enable us to communicate consistently.

Logo design

Identify your company instantly ― Wordmark / logotype ― Icon


Reflects your visual voice ― Legibility ― Clear ― Works across different digital and print platforms

Colour Palette

Specific brand identifiers ― Primary, secondary & accent colours ―
Absence of certain colours

Graphic Language

Shapes ― Styles


Create ― Curate ― Representative to both brand and customer


Helps navigate ― Less text, more meaning

Application Guidelines

A Corporate Identity needs to work. Implementing it as a daily driver requires a more detailed approach.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

The basic Building Blocks


Business Cards ― Letterheads ― Envelopes ― Tags ― Announcements ― Advertisements ― Posters


Powerpoint or Keynote templates ― Teams or video call backgrounds ― Websites & portals ― E-mail signatures ― Social assets & templates


Image library ― Packshots ― Imagery colours ― Do’s & Don’ts


Intro ― Chapter titles ― Lower thirds ― Outro ― Do’s & Don’ts


Office Journeys ― Interior design ― Wall design ― Floor Materials & upholstery ― Signage & Wayfinding


Design ― Logo placement

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